Dr Jane Thomason

Dr Jane Thomason

Founder and CEO at Supernova Data, Australia Frontier Technology for Social Impact Thought Leader | Futurist |


Jane Thomason is a visionary leader and social innovator, with a focus on emerging economies. She advocates for digital transformation to reduce inequality and vulnerability and a move to a human centered digital economy where we measure value based on people and the planet. Jane believes that we use data to measure and report on impact and we collaborate to reduce social and economic disparity.

Industry Associate: University College London, Centre for Blockchain, London, UK

Co-Founder: British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association, UK

Contributer: Corporate Investment Times; Coin Intelligence, Coruzant Technologies

Advisor: Kerala Blockchain Association; Africa Blockchain Centre of Excellence; GovBlocks; Secure Health Chain; Novum Insights

Section Chief Editor: Frontiers in Blockchain

Member: Findexable Data Governance Council