Shiana Clave-Siruma

Shiana Clave-Siruma

Vice President - Customer Solutions APAC at Strata Results, Founder and CEO of Connectiv.E

Shiana is a sales quarterback and an altruistic leader. Her 16 years of
experience ushered her to be an empowered mentor and trainer in sales,
marketing, operations and customer success. A Player-Coach, Shiana has
been the Head of Growth – building the sales department from the ground up
and forges partnerships in Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and the

Shiana is industry agnostic – having worked in various industries such as
IT/Software Development, Banking, Hospitality, Telecommunications,
Education and Outsourcing in a B2B and B2C environment. Shiana is
motivated by a passion for a people-focused approach and flourishes in
meeting with global leaders and engaging for impact.

Shiana manages strategies for brand awareness, helping companies establish
a presence in APAC and also promotes company offerings through various
media channels such as TV, radio and live web streaming. Shiana aims to
inspire, takes the stage to host corporate and social events or as a
motivational speaker.

Shiana is the Founder of Connectiv.E, a company built through her advocacy
of providing jobs to Filipinos who are experts in different fields but are
unable to join the corporate world due to family obligations and


Process Optimization or what business needs to focus on to thrive in the new normal. (02:40 pm - 03:00 pm)