Ann Bui Nguyet Anh

Ann Bui Nguyet Anh

Founder and CEO of GeneCode Vietnam – The Fingerprint & Brain Center Executive Director of BNI Vietnam – Region Hanoi1

Ann BUI NGUYET ANH – The Fingerprint Lady – was born and lives now in Hanoi, Vietnam.

She is graduated as Master in Development Studies from University of Geneva ( and now she is the Founder and CEO of GeneCode Vietnam – a center specialized in fingerprint and brain analysis, discovering the link between people’s inborn characteristics, brain functions and their fingerprints. During 10 years of experience in this special field, she has meet and analyse the fingerprints of more than 20, 000 people from different countries mostly from Vietnam, France, Canada, Australia, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

The purpose of her life is to help people understanding their inborn talent, inborn identity in order to activate their talents and find out the reason why they are born in this world to complete a meaningful mission in life.

Via the fingerprint analysis report, you will see clearly each function of your brain, your inborn strengths and challenges. You will also understand your 8 types of intelligence based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence and how good you are in each field of intelligence. The report will also tell you about which type of activities and lifestyle are good for your health and your careerpath.