Elsie Yung

Elsie Yung

Founder and Director | Elsyung Consulting Limited


Over 25 years of solid experience in managing all aspects of Human Resources functions in various large global companies in Asia. Experienced in strategic Human Resources advisory, project management and process improvements, with the ability to offer recommendations to the business, an expert on Human Resources function for small and medium size enterprises. Founder of Elsyung Consulting to provide professional and management development programs to guide clients towards creating a positive change in their professional and personal lives. My passion is to engage and reaffirm each individual’s inner power and capabilities to embrace their every season of life.

Elsyung Consulting offers bespoke and holistic Human Resources consultancy and people development programmes, delivering meaningful impact to SMEs. By developing teams to be highly engaged and capable, we help business owners focus their time on growing their business. Unlike similar companies, our 25+ years of relevant experience allow us to understand the needs of business owners truly. That is why our founder and seasoned collaborative partners visit each organization to find out their real needs and recommend solutions in building capabilities, enhancing well-being and developing the personal image.